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Email Marketing

Email Marketing in Ireland

Softech Ireland increase your online presence by our Email
Marketing services. Our Email Marketing campaign targets
a unique and specific audience that combines strategy,
implementation and tracking according to our client demand.
We create customised Emails in a distinctive style to help you sell
a product, promote a business, or deliver a service. We know how
to pass your message to the right people.

Emails must persuade the reader to visit your site or to respond to your sales letter. We offer high-quality Email marketing services.

Email Marketing in Ireland

Best practices of Email Marketing for your needs
 Email Marketing includes
  1. E-mail Marketing Strategy
  2. Design and Creating of Letters & Emails
  3. Analytics

Email Marketing in ireland is an essential source when it comes to internet marketing. Before any other means of electronic communication, email was the most accessible and most frequently used platform for communication. This pretty much tells us that more than half of the people we reach out to have an email id created. Therefore, email marketing in ireland is essential, as it is a private mode of communication you attain with your frequent customers. Therefore, conversation through email may get casual and add a sense of comfort between you and the target customer.

Importance of Email Marketinge in Ireland

Build credibility

As we all know, people do business with people on a trust basis and build their credibility. Email Marketing is the best key to open the door of your right audience by delivering them an informative message about your services and product.

Boost your revenue by email Marketing in Ireland

Once a message is delivered to the right audience and interested in your services and product, that will bring your sale to the new height.

For a strong relationship

Communicating is the most effective tool in any business, especially for those who matter a lot to your business. Email Marketing makes a strong relationship with your clients during seasonal busy or slower days. 

Reach to your client’s devices
As we all know, two-third population who use technology use mobile devices to check their emails. Email Marketing helps a lot to your loyal clients to take advantage of mobile technology. They can use any device to read your instant message.
To look professional in your business

We convert your simple informative message or a special deal into an excellent professional graphical message. That attract peoples more and increase their interest to read it. By Email Marketing, you will keep reminding your clients about your services and products.

Get quick results
Email Marketing most potent tool for getting a faster result. We send your message to the client’s private inbox, which increases more chances to get in touch with your business. 
Its generate leads
It’s not necessary that clients will buy or get your services right away. You can keep targeting to your right with different campaigns to get new clients. We keep sending them emails and remind your products and services. Initially, they sign up for a newsletter, start reading your messages, and finally get an appointment or get services.
Promote your offers or services

Email Marketing helps a lot, not only busy days but also slower days, especially when promoting any special offer or services. For example, if you have any special offer on Mother’s Day, Email Marketing could be your most effective tool to deliver your promotional message.
To effectively interact with your audience, no matter what you sell, you must first have a clear understanding of who they are. Softech Ireland allows you to dive a little further into your audience to segment users so you can send them customised and targeted emails that assist enhance engagement, establish trust, and produce more ROI.

"Are marketing emails effective?"

Email marketing campaigns instruments give a 4400 percent return on investment. Besides, the key advantage of e-mail promotion is that it permits you to reach out to your clients in a more personalized way at a low cost in their inbox, which they are likely to check each day. It enables businesses to provide clients with industry updates, promotional material, transaction details, and much more, all while strengthening their brand.

The victory of your Email marketing best practices pivots on selecting the proper promoting e-mail. But, before we get into the many forms of marketing emails, let’s define email marketing strategies.

An email strategy entails sending targeted emails to your target audience in order to convert them into leads, as well as aligning your marketing campaign’s aims with your company’s overall goals.

What are the different types of email marketing & what is email marketing ?
1. Newsletters in digital format

Many businesses are turning to digital newsletters to inform their clients about a given industry or domain. Clients as often as possible subscribe to newsletters, which are sent out every day, week after week, or month to month basis.

The material within the mail gives clients value and validity within the brand. Numerous businesses, like Medium, Moz, and Ben & Jerry’s, utilize newsletters as a portion of their automated email marketing strategy.

2.Emails with Product Updates

When you want to keep your consumers up to date on new product developments or service upgrades, Product Update emails are a great way to do so. This is a terrific method to show your clients that your organization is doing everything possible to keep them informed.

Let’s imagine one of the examples of Email marketing. You’re a SaaS company and want to inform your existing customers about new feature that have been added to the online product you provide. You may inform your customers about the new features by sending them an email that includes a “how-to” video link as well as a “contact us if you have any questions” line.

This makes it easier for customers to discover all of the information they’ll need to learn and apply the new feature in one spot.

3.Transactional Email

Marketing emails are customarily sent to a gathering of people. Transactional emails, on the other hand, are sent to a single customer at a time, based on the action done.

Order confirmation emails, billing information emails, welcome emails, and thank you emails are examples of these types of emails.

Transactional emails are utilized by businesses to supply vital data to clients at different stages of their buying cycle.

4. Email with useful information

Informational emails examine and advance a particular occasion or offer including the company’s items and services. These emails have a particular “call to action (CTA)” that encompasses a business objective. This type of email frequently contains sales, coupons, free trials, referrals, or information about upcoming events such as webinars, open houses, and so on.

Which email marketing tool is the most effective?

The size of your mailing list and the precise goals you want to achieve will determine the email marketing platform you use. It’s ideal to go with an email marketing solution that can help you classify your customers into groups, schedule emails, and design them. Mailchimp, SendInBlue, ConvertKit, SendGrid, and a slew of additional email-marketing-software are among the most popular.

Email Marketing can be Greatly Viable (WHEN DONE RIGHT)

As already said, the larger part of Americans checks their e-mail a few times each day. E-mail newsletters are too the foremost successful substance sort for securing and supporting leads, agreeing to the Substance Promoting Institute’s 2020 B2C Benchmarks, Budgets, and Patterns report.

“But don’t people despise receiving spam emails?” you might argue. They do, in fact. However, you should never send spam. Instead, the e-mail you send ought to contain valuable data that your beneficiaries will like. You’ll create belief along with your mail contacts by sending personalized and supportive material, which believe will construct associations, extend your business’ reach, and lead to sales! In addition, you’ll too utilize Email templates to send emails to your clients.

They will lock in with you on the off chance that you give them valuable material that’s custom-fitted to their necessities. They will unsubscribe if you send them spam. Don’t be a spammer. Add value in any way your ideal customer perceives it.

Email Marketing Services Is Cheap

No, seriously. It is quite cost-effective. E-mail promotion permits you to communicate with clients for pennies per message. Most little trade proprietors have a limited budget and must discover inventive strategies to extend each dollar. E-mail marketing contains a low beginning venture and is generally low-cost to preserve over time. How’s that for icing on the cake?

The fundamental truth is that mail promoting is more successful than essentially any other sort of promoting communication in coming to your target advertising, and it can be done at a division of the cost of many other approaches. It as it were takes a small-time and exertion, but you’ll effectively outsource the process.

Email Marketing in Ireland Benefits

1.High Return on Investment (ROI)

We’ve already said it, but it would be unusual to abandon email marketing, which has the highest ROI of any marketing channel if you check email marketing statistics. With an average return of 36 times your investment, email marketing should continue to be an important aspect of most organizations’ marketing strategies.

2.Obtain feedback

Emails sent after a sale are an excellent method to learn about a customer’s experience with your business. You can uncover possible areas for improvement by asking for input through surveys or other formats. It moreover empowers clients to communicate and lock in along with your trade, expanding the probability of them getting to be repeat clients.

3.Drive traffic to your website

If you provide valuable content or offers to your potential clients, they are more inclined to visit your website. Email marketing is a cost-effective technique to drive traffic to your website and, perhaps, close a sale. To encourage readers to click through, make sure your emails include an engaging call to action.

4.Boost sales

Your company’s sales will improve as a result of the benefits outlined above, as well as other variables. Whether it’s a major sale made possible by helpful information in a marketing email or an impulse purchase made possible by an email offer that’s too good to pass up. Email marketing increases sales.

11 Great Places to Find Email Marketing Templates:

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 11 of the greatest web resources for finding free email templates for your campaigns.

Examine these resources and choose the ones whose design aesthetics are similar to your brand’s. Otherwise, you can simply pick any layout that you simply like and customize it per your brand’s rules.


Sendinblue has over 60 completely responsive mail layouts (and indeed on the off chance that you connect up for the Free arrange, you’ll get full get to to the layout collection). In a nutshell, you just select a template and use the drag-and-drop tool to rearrange or add new elements.


Mailchimp could be a well-known email marketing service that moreover offers free mail formats for your campaigns. There are over 100 predesigned templates on the website that you may use to send various types of emails.

If you use one of their templates, you won’t be stuck with all of the design feature because the designs are totally customizable. All you have to do is choose a layout that best suits your message and then customize it to your specifications.

What could be better? You don’t have to start from scratch, and you don’t have to cram your message into pre-made templates. Overall, it’s a fantastic method to quickly write intriguing emails.


Another extraordinary place to discover free email and newsletter layouts with a mobile-friendly fashion and format is this site. They offer a huge choice of customizable e-mail formats merely can customize with their plan editor.

 You can also use their “marketing campaign” dashboard to create your own email templates if you wish to. You do not need to begin from scratch with their gigantic run of 40+ format plans.


 Another place where you may get free email and newsletter templates for your campaigns is this site. The templates can be used for a variety of emails that your company may send, such as welcome emails or specials and offers. This site is very useful for discovering newsletter templates because it feature a variety of distinctive designs.

Are these templates appropriate for your needs? Because these templates are simply customizable, they may be utilized by enterprises from a variety of industries.


 This is the place to go if you want to look at a lot of different design alternatives but don’t want to spend a lot of time customizing them. You won’t require anything else with over 300 e-mail format plans. You’ll find many email templates for whatever type of email you wish to send. This is a great place to browse for email templates if you’re a marketer looking for a lot of different design ideas.

 They also offer a variety of industry-specific email templates. So all you have to do is use a pre-designed template for your industry, and you won’t have to do much customizing. This is the most comprehensive collection of email templates of any of the sources listed here. And chances are, after you’ve seen their selection, you won’t need to explore any farther.


 This is often a lesser-known source with a expansive number of free e-mail formats. Their template designs are responsive to mobile devices and look just as well on laptops as they do on desktops.

 While they do not have a great number of templates, their designs are simple and easy to utilize. Their 11 special email formats are sufficient to induce you begun and suit your essential mail plan needs. There aren’t lots of possibilities by category, unlike some of the other sources listed here. So, either you like or don’t like their design, there isn’t much to select from.


 Another famous email marketing platform that offers free email templates is ActiveCampaign. They feature a large number of email template themes for both professional and personal emails. They make ready-to-use email layouts with an assortment of color plans, formats, and plans. You’ll be able to see over their alternatives to discover which one works best for your mail. You can also personalize these designs to match your company’s aesthetics.

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