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Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

Softech Ireland increase your online presence by our Email
Marketing services. Our Email Marketing campaign targets
a unique and specific audience that combines strategy,
implementation and tracking according to our client demand.
We create customised Emails in a distinctive style to help you sell
a product, promote a business, or deliver a service. We know how
to pass your message to the right people.

Emails must persuade the reader to visit your site or to respond to your sales letter. We offer high-quality Email marketing services.

Best practices of Email Marketing for your needs

 Email Marketing includes

  1. E-mail Marketing Strategy
  2. Design and Creating of Letters & Emails
  3. Analytics
Email Marketing is an essential source when it comes to internet marketing. Before any other means of electronic communication, email was the most accessible and most frequently used platform for communication. This pretty much tells us that more than half of the people we reach out to have an email id created. Therefore, email marketing is essential, as it is a private mode of communication you attain with your frequent customers. Therefore, conversation through email may get casual and add a sense of comfort between you and the target customer.

Why Email Marketing is Important

Build credibility

As we all know, people do business with people on a trust basis and build their credibility. Email Marketing is the best key to open the door of your right audience by delivering them an informative message about your services and product.

Boost your revenue by email Marketing

Once a message is delivered to the right audience and interested in your services and product, that will bring your sale to the new height.

For a strong relationship

Communicating is the most effective tool in any business, especially for those who matter a lot to your business. Email Marketing makes a strong relationship with your clients during seasonal busy or slower days. 

Reach to your client’s devices

As we all know, two-third population who use technology use mobile devices to check their emails. Email Marketing helps a lot to your loyal clients to take advantage of mobile technology. They can use any device to read your instant message.

To look professional in your business

We convert your simple informative message or a special deal into an excellent professional graphical message. That attract peoples more and increase their interest to read it. By Email Marketing, you will keep reminding your clients about your services and products.

Get quick results

Email Marketing most potent tool for getting a faster result. We send your message to the client’s private inbox, which increases more chances to get in touch with your business. 

Its generate leads

It’s not necessary that clients will buy or get your services right away. You can keep targeting to your right with different campaigns to get new clients. We keep sending them emails and remind your products and services. Initially, they sign up for a newsletter, start reading your messages, and finally get an appointment or get services.

Promote your offers or services

Email Marketing helps a lot, not only busy days but also slower days, especially when promoting any special offer or services. For example, if you have any special offer on Mother’s Day, Email Marketing could be your most effective tool to deliver your promotional message.
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