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Local SEO and Its Importance in Your Bussinuess Growth

Local SEO and Its Importance

If you ignore Local SEO for your business, you leave about 84 percent of leads on the table. Imagine the business you lose if you think this is something you should not invest your money into. The numbers don’t add up, right?

According to research, the conversion rate of Local SEO search results is 90%. This should be enough for you to reconsider your decision to ignore this method of getting inbound leads.

Hence, it becomes extremely important to know about Local SEO, the ranking factors that affect it, and how to audit your business’s ranking in local searches.

When you weigh all of the business you get compared to the cost of this method, it wouldn’t even matter. This is an investment worth the shot.

Have I grabbed enough of your attention? Good! Let’s get started with the best method to get you inbound leads that have a crazy conversion rate.

Local SEO

What Does Local SEO Mean?

Local SEO is when you boost the ranking of a business in a particular area rather than working on its ranking on a global scale.

For example, if you would want to rank your furniture store in Dublin, it makes sense to boost its ranking in Dublin rather than the whole world, right? This is Local SEO. You can inbound leads from your area. And because these leads are from your area, the possibility of you making money increases.

Importance of Local SEO For Businesses

With an almost 90% conversion rate within 24 hours, local SEO is an invaluable investment for small and middle-sized businesses. So if you have a small coffee shop in Dublin or a restaurant in Galway, focusing on maintaining a strong Google business profile boosting its ranking and appearing on local searches should be your number one priority.

Even if you have branches across multiple locations, this should be your go-to option to dominate the local searches in your niche and get all the business.

Importance of Local SEO For Businesses

What affects local SEO? – Ranking factors

Local SEO works differently than traditional SEO. While traditional SEO practices and ranking factors matter when you are aiming for the searches in your area, there goes a lot more into boosting for local intent keywords.

Some of these ranking factors include the following:

  • Consistent NAP citations
  • Optimized Google business profile
  • Link-building from local listings
  • Optimized website for the best user experience
  • Holistic content coverage to show topical authority in your area
  • Online reviews.

Bonus: Check Our Detailed Guide on Local SEO Ranking Factors and Best practices

How can you Perform a local SEO audit?

Now that you know what factors affect this, you can perform an edit on your own to see what needs to be done, and what needs to be optimized if you want your business to rule the local rankings.

If you are just starting, or seeing a dip in your local rankings, this is how you audit it.

  1. Check for top rankings in local searches, and assess what keywords they are targeting
  2. Optimize your Google Business Profile.
  3. Check if you are working against Google’s terms of service
  4. Target relevant keywords, and focus on relevant content that helps your clients or prospects.
  5. Make sure your link-building game is top-notch.
  6. NAP citations should be consistent across all platforms you operate from.
  7. Positive and relevant reviews about your business are massive ranking signals.

And if you don’t want to go through the hassle, you can hire an expert to run this audit and improve your Local rankings.

Why is Local SEO important for Real Estate business?

If you operate solely in one city, or have multiple locations, aiming for local keywords is still far better than the traditional SEO approach. The most powerful thing that goes for a real estate business when it comes to Local searches is its cost-effectiveness.

You won’t have to pay much for backlinks, the inbound leads are much more responsive and the conversion rate is off the charts, Google’s business profile lets you lower your marketing budget.

In a world where competition is high, having an edge in marketing like this can create a huge difference, especially when it comes to the real estate business.

How do you choose a Local SEO Marketing Agency?

Trust is a valuable currency in this day and age. Buyers have access to a sea of information. It isn’t like the 80s anymore. Now, you have to build a connection, be able to trust the other person and establish yourself as a person of authority if you want to do business with them.

You have to be a problem solver and a problem finder rather than a product pusher.

So if you want to hire someone for your Local SEO problems, you have to look for these qualities.

This is exactly what SoftTech does! We don’t care about making a sale. SoftTech isn’t about earning more profits. It is about YOU. We are passionate about solving your marketing problems and giving you the solution that you need.

The choice is yours.

What determines Local SEO cost?

The cost can be variable depending on your wants and needs. There are businesses in Ireland that pay 300 € a month to solve their SEO-related issues. While there we worked with clients who paid us €1500 a month for the job.

Depending on the size of the company, the rates can be in the range of €500 and €10,000 per month.

To be honest, giving an exact number and quoting a price is not recommended. We would highly recommend you talk with our experts first so that we can give you a quote.

Monthly local SEO Packages in Ireland

While giving a solid number is not viable and easy, we at Softech are transparent, and we want to build trust with our prospects. For that, we are revealing three different packages that you can go for when hiring us for Local SEO services in Ireland.

These are:

  1. Silver
  2. Gold
  3. Platinum

Silver package starts with:

  • up to 15 keyphrases
  • Keyword research
  • On-page and technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Google Business Listing
  • Conversion tracking
  • Monthly reports

After this, the scope of services along with the price will increase based on the package you choose. Silver package starts at €297

Don’t lose the 90% conversion rate!

Ignoring Local SEO means losing out on a lot of prospective clients, as local searches have a higher conversion rate. Investing in Local SEO enables small and medium-sized enterprises to successfully communicate with local clients.

Consistent contact information (NAP), a strong Google Business profile, favourable reviews, and local content are all important considerations. Regular inspections assure satisfactory performance. Local SEO for real estate is both affordable and profitable.

Choosing the proper firm, such as SoftTech, that focuses on fixing your marketing difficulties, may have a significant impact. SoftTech provides a variety of products to meet the diverse demands of businesses in Ireland.

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