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Website Maintenance

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Website Maintenance

Let's suppose, Softech Ireland has developed a stunning
professional website that is effective, impressive, and
most up-to-date available. But we all know that the
internet world is moving so fast and website
techniques are changing on a
monthly basis.

Your business website needs attention to keep updating from time to time, especially its hosting and domain subscriptions etc. Our website Maintenance team provides all necessary improvements for your business website.

Why do you need a Website Maintenance ?

Running a website along with your business is a big hassle. Most business owners would look for someone to manage their website instead be looking after their core activities. Business website Maintenance companies demand a very high fee on a yearly basis. Due to being very expensive, it’s a big complex, especially for small businesses website who face this problem.
Softech Ireland not only designs your business website but looks after your website as well at affordable prices. Our website Maintenance team will do everything for your business website to run smoothly, up to date and
It’s hassle free, professional and straightforward solution for businesses who can focus their business rather than fiddling with their website.

What’s include in Website Maintenance

  • Hosting

  • Domain

  • Website backup

  • Necessary software installation (protect hackers attack)

  • Website transfer

  • Monitoring website statics

  • Adding or updating pages

  • Adding or updating content on weekly or monthly basis

  • Troubleshooting/debugging

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